Monday, 30 March 2009


After listening to the story, the Design team had an immediate meeting to decide how we were going to work to be as time efficient as possible and what part of the story each of us would take on board.

Using a very sexist but enjoyable rule the final decision was that girls are in charge of costumes and boys of props and scenery. Although we are separating our selves for different bits of work, we share and consult for ideas with each other.

A lot of big scale ideas emerged from this meeting: a massive Chinese serpent structure to be the caterpillar, a human magician that grows into a giant puppet when he shrinks the audience, a puzzle to be a round key, with different pieces, coloured sashes for the children, and so on.

Emma and I also divided the characters and the tribes between the two of us. We decided on 4 basic colours, one for each tribe. I work with green and orange, and Emma works with purple and turquoise. It is time to get designing now.

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