Friday, 19 December 2008


How amazing it is to think about the infinite possibilities that you can have in a utopian world. At the same time utopia can be very dangerous, it can also be very beautiful. Many lives have been destroyed in the name of utopia, making it become very unpopular. But also good things were done, like Ghandi’s violence strikes.

For me, the best part of it is the fact that utopia does not have to be realistic. The thought of exploring dreams and nightmares, and re-creating those, links generously with a utopian world idea. Can we change the word utopia into a positive and fascinating word? I think we should try.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I was wondering what could make us be spontaneous at times, and I got to the conclusion that it has to be much related to the general need of escapism. Escaping of the everyday routine is essential to everyone. Being spontaneous makes us have moments of happiness and adrenaline. And then these moments will give us energy to return to that same routine with a bit more courage and liveliness.

I had one of these moments very recently. It does not happen very often ending in South Hampton, when the decision to be made is “where do we go for a pint?” after a rehearsal, especially when you really need the toilet. It turned out that we spent the night writing poems together and then we went to the New Forest where we saw wild horses and dears. It was so magical and amazing that it made me think about spontaneity and how important it is.
The magic of the wild animals, the stars, the sounds and also the fear of being in an unknown place in the dark, boosted me so powerfully that I can still feel it today. All I can do is hope that you all have these moments.

Where were you when it happened?
So deep in the dark, dark night
When the moon did not shine,
No one could see the starts or the sky!
And the sea cried to be left in the dark of itself.
And all mermaids joined the song,
And they sang into the night,
With open hearts that told the truths of their love,
And happiness was re-born.
But let’s hope it is not the only time
Because time is all we have left.