Thursday, 26 February 2009


In one of our meetings for the big project, the creative team did a workshop with us to find out what kind of ideas we all have for stories. One of the activities, which I find brilliant, was the helicopter story telling. While you come up with a story your partner writes it down and vice versa, then your partner will read your story out loud and the rest of the group will act it while you play the main character, absolutely fantastic. My example:

There was once a Kangaroo,
Who didn’t know what to do.
When ever he tried to walk
He’s friends would start to talk.

He’d shuffle along the ground
Because he’d never learnt to bound
He was a kangaroo without a bounce
And all he could do was flounce

So he left his hometown tribe
As he waved goodbye he cried,
It’s sad, but just one of those things
If you’re born with feet but no springs

In a far, far away land, Dalila the water nymph loved peeking through Joanna’s (the human girl) window. She found everything about her room very fascinating. Joanna of course was not aware of Dalila’s existence. One day Dalila’s sisters found out what she had been doing and told their father. He was so angry that it started raining. Joanna was very surprised by the fact that it was raining because it was a lovely summer’s day. So that day Joanna wasn’t allowed to play in the garden and Dalila got locked in her room under the river.
The next day when Joanna woke up she found something very unusual under her window, a flower that she’d never seen before. Although she knew she wasn’t allowed to go to the forest, she had to find out where this flower had come from because she’d never seen such beauty.
As she was walking through the woods, she started hearing some noises coming from the riverside and she saw all the water nymphs. She was so surprised that she ran back to her house. The next day when Dalila was realised from her room, she heard the other nymphs talking about the human girl so she decided to knock on her window and from that moment Dalila and Joanna became really good friends.