Sunday, 26 April 2009


The week after Easter, the design team got together for a whole building week. It was a very productive week, as lot of costumes and props are ready to be made or almost complete.

That morning we explained to Tina, our Design Coordinator, the story of “The Shrinking Land of Kalku”, and also showed to her, all of our design ideas. From there we organised the next working week.

As Tina could not be present that day, we visited Chiswick House, and although we could not walk around the gardens, we had some good ideas of how to create the route for the play.

We arranged two cars and explored the wonders of fabric shopping, as Tina guided as to the good places and showed us what good prices are. Because our budget is minimal we had to be very careful with the shopping system.

The day started with a production meeting with Al, where he guided us through all the possible and non possible ideas we had. After the meeting we started creating models of the giant caterpillar, and we did the basis for the Milky Magician cloak.

We produced 110 ponchos for the children to wear during the performance.

We walked from Dan’s house with a massive polystyrene boat, which will become the sphinx. I finished the Milky Magicians costume and started working on the Water Nymphs. Matt started working on the risk assessment, and Dan and Amir went shopping for materials.

Since this week we have produced a lot of more work. But for the Design team this week was definitely a high light.