Friday, 30 January 2009


I came across the term Dreamism the other day. I had never heard of it, which quite intrigued me. It is a movement like any other, but for the first time it is applied to the present. Usually a movement happens and it is given a name once it is finished. Dreamism is happening now. It consists of various elements from other movements as well as its own elements.

The expression of dream elements and of the unconscious along with the surprise factor, are very specific to Surrealism and also form a big part of Dreamism. Post-modernism contributes with its hyper reality to the birth of this movement and Romanticism adds to the base of Dreamism the fight against scientific rationalization of nature.

Dreamism main political belief is that dreamists can achieve anything they want even if the rest of us do not believe their capability. Once Dreamism becomes acknowledge by people it will be proving itself. Crazy, no?


Rosie said...

erm....I'm not sure how I feel about this. It seems that dreamism is saying you only have to dream something for it to happen. But don't you have to do in order to acheive?

CAROLINA said...

Of course you have to work for it! It is about acheiving more than ohters believe you are capable of... But obviously you have to work really hard! I think it is also very much about believing in yourself and being confident!

Mark Griffin said...

Isn't this an -ism of the future not the present. The future is never in itself achievable, but as a concept boths scares and makes possibilities for us. It seems to fit in the caregory of noble abstractions that allow us to escape from the boxed sense of our tangible reality. Sometimes this can take us to remarkable places - we've been the moon, can watch images live from the other side of the world, even invented scientific principles to explain how lfe was created... without dreamism these things might never have happened.