Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Danielle, Mark and I went to visit Chiswick house yesterday. I was considerably disappointed as most of the garden and house were closed. We did not see much, and the house is going to be for repair until April, which is not very helpful for our project. We will need a lot of time in the space to be able to create good work. The only reason we have to stick with Chiswick House is due to the funds Mark has applied for. As we have not had an answer about this funding I propose we also look at other places to do our project. I had a quick look into the national trust website and found some nice places, such as Osterley Park and House in Isleworth, Morden Hall Park near Wimbledon, and the Red House, which is a little bit more far way (Bexleyheath), but lovely. Please have a look.

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