Monday, 13 October 2008


I am surprised to see that a lot of people want to do individual projects. A work placement is something that you can always do any time and after uni. This is probably the only opportunity that we will have to do such a big and dynamic community project in a big group of people that have closely the same interests. The magnitude of it will affect us as people, and it will change us to become more responsible and to become adults. We are in third year, somehow we need to become adults, or when we leave life will get complicated. This is what I mainly want to achieve, I want to grow up, I want to do something I know I will be proud of, and I want to feel ready to leave. I know the big project would help me with all of this.

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Mark Griffin said...

The big project is certainly a challenge and is wonderfully unpredictable - as it should be - it's almost impossible to say in advance what will be learnt because each day throws up another problem to solve and adventure to go on. The unpredictability is great preparation as it develops a sense of resourcefulness that'll you need next year, when you try and find your own work.